Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Blog Post

Hi guys,

I love how my blog is slowly but steadily getting new followers and moving up in the blog world. I hope I get even more followers and I can do even more book reviews and move on to giveaways and etc... =]

Some news to share, the other day I bought a new web cam for like 20 bucks that I should be using to post new videos on here and my youtube. =] I plan on doing mostly just In My Mailbox blogs and maybe some random musing blogs. It depends on what I decide to do and how I am feeling.

Another thing is that I bought another small bookshelf for like 12 dollars, which is really inexpensive in my opinion, to make room for my books that I want to buy. And now I don't have to double stack my books because I have the room. Yay. =] lol.

I bought a few books this week so I will be featuring those in my In My Mailbox vlog later this week. Plus I just got my first ever Net Galley book. I will be sharing with you what it is also with my In My Mailbox vlog.

That's all my recent news,

Til next time,

Happy Reading

-Michael/Bookshelf Reviewer


  1. Hi Michael! Thanks for your kind words! I hope you come back often! I try and stay entertaining! ;-)
    I'm glad you're "coming into" the blog world! :-)

  2. Hi Valia, thanks so much for following me and visiting my blog. =]