This is a blog dedicated to mainly reviews and other things I can think to blog about. The reviews will mainly consist of book reviews. But I will add other reviews that I see fit to adding. Like movie and television reviews just for an example. I want to make this blog the best that it can be. I want people to come here so they can explore all the different things I have experienced and to be able to enter worlds and genres by simply exploring the different medias of today. I hope you enjoy this blog and keep coming back.

I, The Bookshelf Reviewer/Blogger am no way affiliated with or associated with any of the books, movies, television shows, etc... that I am reviewing on my blog. All the reviews that are stated in my blog are simply my opinions about the material that I am reviewing and should not reflect the opinions or views of the entity of which I am reviewing. All of the images, videos etc... on my blog are not mine. I give credit to google, barnes and noble, youtube, etc... for these types of media. I also give credit to the publishers and authors for all the books and etc featured on my blog.

As of now, I choose this blog to be an ad free space and will probably keep it that way, so that all who follow me will have an even better experience.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy The Bookshelf. =]