Saturday, July 9, 2011

IMM and Following

Hello Guys,

This is just a random ranting blog post that I decided to do. I am exploring the blogosphere because I am new to this whole blogging thing. And I am mostly watching videos of a bunch of different bloggers doing IMM videos. IMM stand for In My Mailbox and is hosted by the The Story Siren. Basically people post a video of the new books that they bought or aquired that week. I am so intrigued by all of these peoples posts. I have been so into watching that I am reading less. =] I am also adding so many new and exciting books to my wish list/tbr pile. Because of this I am thinking about adding video to my blog and doing IMM's, let me know what you guys think of that.
Also because I am exploring I am following a ton of other peoples blogs now. I am going to link a few down below. =]
The first blog that introduced me to IMM's was The Book Memoirs I love this site, its awesome and ran by Elle and Kate, I already blogged about this so I won't say more about it.
Another blog I found is The Reading Angel, it has videos with Angela and Josh, brother and sister, who are awesome too. It also includes revies and etc...
Here is a list of awesome blogs that I recently found and I follow.
Consumed by Books.
Patricia's Particularity
Loving Books
Candace's Book Blog

Until next time,

Happy Reading. =]

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