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Mighty Eagle

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I thought I would let everyone with Nook Colors know about Mighty Eagle. Barnes and Noble lets you use the Mighty Eagle on there Angry Birds app in there stores. It is going on for a limited time. But the thing is you can only use it in the stores and you can only use it once an hour. I went there the other day and was kind of disappointed a little. They made it sound like you would get the Mighty Eagle but that is not true. So if you are stuck on a level that is the only reason to go there and use it. I hope people aren't traveling long ways out of there way just to see what it is and getting to a BN and being disappointed. Its a good thing my Barnes and Noble is really close to me. So just thought I would blog about it and tell you guys.

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Review #9: Green Lantern

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Yesterday I went and saw Green Lantern. I was so excited to see this movie because I love superhero movies and I don't really know the back story to how Green Lantern came to be well Green Lantern. So I loved seeing exactly how Hal Jordan was chosen to be in the Green Lantern Corps. In this movie Hal Jordan is a cocky test pilot played by Ryan Reynolds, who is a good fit to play a superhero. Abin Sur, a Green Lantern from another planet, crash lands on Earth badly wounded by Parallax, an evil entity that escaped and swallows up people's souls and destroys whole planets. Hal Jordan gets chosen by the ring and becomes a Green Lantern, which starts his journey on having to save our planet from doom. There is also another villain in this story and that is Hector. A scientist who gets infected and turns evil and tries to stop Green Lantern from saving the earth. This movie I thought was awesome. It had a great storyline and I learned more about Green Lantern then I did before. The one place I knew where Green Lantern was from before I saw this movie was from The Justice League of America. Now I know there is a whole corps of them protecting the universe. I also learned about the power ring and all of its capabilities. Its like I was a kid again and I could imagine what it would be like if I was chosen to be a Green Lantern. I mean to be able to craft things from your mind using pure willpower powered by a ring on your finger, sounds awesome to me. Oh and don't even get me started on being able to fly. That would be a power in and of itself that a lot of people would kill to have. The power of flight would be utterly amazing. Ryan Reynolds, I think, did an awesome job playing Green Lantern. Even though I see him more as a comedian, I overlooked it and saw a great hero in this film from him. I really hope this movie becomes into a franchise and many more movies come from it. The one thing I loved from this film was the underlying message. The struggle of fear against willpower. That pure will can defeat any fear you might have. And don't ever let fear ever control you. Its a great message to put out to the world.
Okay now lets get on to the not so great parts of the movie. There was some action in this film, but not enough. There could have been more action when Green Lantern was fighting Parallax but it was too short of a battle. Another thing was they didn't show that much of Oa, the planet where the Green Lantern Corps is, and didn't get into really any of the other Green Lanterns like Sinestro, Kilowog, or Tomar-Re. I didn't really get to know anything about them. The movie did get into a little detail about the Guardians of the Universe though, so that was at least good. Another thing was the confusing back story between Hal, Hector and Carol. I got how Carol and Hal knew each other and that they were/are love interests and both work together as pilots. But I don't get how they knew Hector, the scientist. I didn't get if they knew each other as kids or what was going on with that. Some things should be explained especially when there are people like me who knew really nothing about Green Lantern before seeing this movie.
If you like superhero movies with great story lines or even the Green Lantern comics, I definitely recommend you going to see this movie. Overall this movie was fantastic and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. =]
Also if you see the movie I recommend you stay til after the credits. There is a sneak peek clip with a small cliffhanger that will, I hope, lead to another movie being produced. I so hope there is more to come from the Green Lantern franchise and that movie number 2 will be made and be even more fantastic then the first.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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I am so excited to have reached 10 followers. This is a great milestone for this blog. I hope more and more people come to this blog and enjoy my reviews. I want this blog to become even more than it already is. I want to explore and read as many books as I can. And to help others do the exact same thing and to be able to share in the experience with everyone. I definitely have high hopes for this blog. I will continue my reviewing later this week. I have kind of been busy this week, so forgive me for not posting in a couple days. I plan hopefully to go see Green Lantern tomorrow. So expect a review of that soon. And also I just finished the book The Capture(The Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 1) so also expect a review of that as well. I want to thank everyone for there support in this blog. And thank you so much for following. =]

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review #8 : Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

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Since Season 4 of True Blood Premieres tonight, I thought that this was the perfect time to review the second book in the series that I just recently read. I cannot wait for this season of true blood. It looks like it will be a good one. Anyway back to the review.
Book number two in the series has such a great plot and storyline. It continues the series flawlessly. Sookie and Bills relationship continues and they both go on a few ups and downs through out this book. Sookie and Bill fly to Dallas to do a few deeds for the vampires there. But they end up doing and finding out a lot more there then they had planned. Many things happen in this book. It is such a great and exciting read. Some things that happen in this book is they encounter a Maenad(if you want to know what that is, you can look it up or read this book), the Fellowship of the Sun(a cult like church group that hates vampires), and you even meet some more shape shifters and werewolves. You find out so many more aspects to the Sookie Stackhouse series, you can't even believe the supernatural things that are in this world. But that is what makes this series so exciting.
If you haven't started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series yet, what are you waiting for?, get on the band wagon and go out and start, you definitely won't regret it. If you like the supernatural and vampires, you should read this book. I recommend it to anyone who like the fantasy/supernatural and like a little romance mixed in. Charlaine Harris has a unique writing style all her own and you can see why here books and series has become so popular. I can't wait to read book number 3 and see what else Sookie gets herself into. I really want to catch up to book four which will be what season four of True Blood will be based of off. Overall I give this book a four out of five.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Review #7: Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconceptions Throughout the Ages by Leland Gregory

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I hope your summer is going well and you are all reading really awesome books. Anyway onto my review.

I got this book free from Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago. Every Friday they have free Friday and give away a free ebook. This book was one of them. I couldn't really find anything to read so I decided to read this simple short and free book. =]

If you like history and funny facts you should definitely check out this book. Leland Gregory gives facts and stories about stupid people and misconceptions throughout history. A bunch of times throughout this book I laughed out lout at the stupidity and plus I learned so much from reading this book. If you aren't really feeling like reading some thing serious and want a fun light read I recommend this book completely. It was such a good read to get my mind off the stress of the day and make me laugh a little. Overall I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. Great awesome quick read. =]

Here are some facts that might encourage you to read this book:
Samuel Prescott made the famous horseback ride into Concord, not Paul Revere. As a member of Parliament, Isaac Newton spoke only once. He asked for an open window. On April 24, 1898, Spain declared war on the U.S., thus starting the Spanish-American War. The U.S. declared war the very next day, but not wanting to be outdone, had the date on the declaration changed from April 25 to April 21.With these and many other stories, leading humorist Leland Gregory once again highlights both the strange and the funny side of humankind.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I can't believe JK Rowling is finally releasing her books as ebooks on her new website soon. Visit Pottermore to find out more about it. =] She even posted a video on this new site, so check that out too.. It looks like it is going to be so awesome. I can't wait. It is open to all in October. But make sure you come back July 31st to see how you can get the chance to enter it early. And you can even leave your email address sometime later because its so busy right now, to let you know when registration has opened.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review #6: HBO Series A Game of Thrones

Hello Bloggers,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I haven't really picked a new book to start reading yet so I really have nothing to review. So if you want to pitch any suggestions you can. =] So I will start either reviewing books I have already read or review other things. Today I have for you a review of the HBO series of A Game of Thrones. Hope you enjoy. =]

The season finale of Game of Thrones was on Sunday night. And it proved how awesome this series is. The whole series stayed true to the books. It is probably the first show or movie I have ever watched that stayed almost completely with the storyline and didn't change a thing. I love every single actor they choose they all were great. The scenery, places, and story lines that went on were fantastically stunning.  As I was watching the episodes I actually got goosebumps a few times. The show and books have such shocking moments that even though I read the book and knew what was going to happen my jaw was still dropped open wide starring at the screen can't believing what just happened. =]

If you are a fan of the books, you really have got to watch this show. I definitely plan on buying season one when it comes out on DVD and watching it again. I predict good things for this shows future and I can't wait to read Clash of Kings and then watch Season Two of this show. I just know it will be awesome. Overall I give this TV show a 5 out of 5 stars. =]

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Review #5: Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Hello Bloggers,
Hope everyone is having an awesome day and enjoying themselves. I hope everyone is getting some reading in and engrossing themselves in a great read. Or even venturing out and seeing a great film at your local movie theater. Without further ado, here is my review of an awesome book that one of my friends suggested I read and I am so happy I did. So hope you enjoy and thanks for taking the time to read it. =]

Veronica Roth is an up and coming author that just released her first ever book in May. A lot of buzz has been produced from this YA book so I just had to read it. Roth's book Divergent is about a futuristic dystopian city of Chicago were there are 5 different factions of people. These factions are divided up by peoples personalities and what they think led the human race to be corrupt and bad. The five factions are Abnegation- the selfless, Candor-the honest, Amity-the peaceful, Erudite-the intelligent, and Dauntless-the fearless. The story focuses on Beatrice Prior, a girl from Abnegation, who has a choice to make on which faction she wants to join. When everyone turns 16 in this dystopian world they are considered adults and must choose what factions they want to be in on Choosing Day. To determine what faction they might want to be in, each 16 year old must go through an aptitude test of sorts, where a simulation decides the best qualities fit what faction they choose. The thing is the result of Beatrice's aptitude test is that she is Divergent. This is a very dangerous thing, which she has to hide and not speak a word of it to anyone. Beatrice, who nicknames herself Tris after she choose her faction, goes through so many exciting and dangerous things in this book, those dangerous things are what makes this book so awesome.

From the first moment that I read the opening of this book I was hooked. I was literally transported to a whole new world. Roth's writing style is really good, you can tell that she actually knows how to write and planned every word she wrote meticulously. This is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. Throughout the whole book I was thinking what faction would I choose? I am still stumped. They all have really great qualities. I would probably be Divergent like Tris. Also this book makes you think about your feelings and what you would do in Tris's situations and if you would/could be as brave as she is. By the end of this book I was sad that it ended. I went on a whirlwind of adventure and feelings that I didn't want it to end. I was so shocked by the ending. I didn't think that was how it would end. I can not wait until Veronica Roth next book, which she just posted on her blog, which is named Insurgent. She is so talented that I can't believe it is her first book. I see many great things in her future. Overall I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars, it is that great of a book. There were some slow parts but I overlooked that because I loved this book so much and it was such an awesome read. In my opinion, everyone should read this book. It is a must read for 2011. I think that everyone will hear of this book in the coming months. So go grab yourself a copy and get reading. By book or by nook.

P.S Also if you want another review on Divergent my friend also posted her take on it on her blog here.
Also Divergent has its own Facebook page where you can talk about the book and even take a Faction quiz to see which faction you belong too.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review #4: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Hello again Bloggers,

I watch the HBO series True Blood. So I decided to start reading the Charlaine Harris books based on the show. I love the show, so I just knew I was going to love the Sookie Stackhouse series. This first book didn't disappoint. It starts off with Sookie and it introduces you to her perfectly. You get to know about her "disability" and learn a lot about her personality. She is a character that you get really interested in and makes you want to get involved with her life. Once you get into the head and mannerisms of Sookie Stackhouse you get introduced to all the awesome characters of Bon Temps, Louisiana. They are so diverse that you should love them all in there quirky ways. The one great aspect about this book is the supernatural parts. Sookie is a telepath and can read peoples minds. Vampires have literally come out of the coffin and have been around for millenia but are just now coming into mainstream society.

Sookie the waitress meets her first ever vampire named Bill. I won't ruin the surprise to what happens in this book but a lot of things happen between Sookie and Bill. They are both great characters and sparks definitely fly between them.
Harris's writing style fits perfectly with Sookie's personality and the books are such great light reads that has a lot of plot twists and turns it is not hard to like these books. If you like murder, mysteries, and the supernatural this is the book series to read for you. Even though I have already seen the HBO show and this book follows mostly with the first book, it was definitely worth the read. It brang such a different aspect to the series. Overall I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to anyone that loves the supernatural with a little romance mixed in. =]

Stay tuned for my review of the second book in the Stackhouse Series, Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris, which should be up in a few days. =]

Also I can't wait for TrueBlood to start its Fourth Season on June 26th, so if you like this series definately tune in to the show.

If you need another opinion or review about Dead until Dark, my friend also reviewed it on her blog.
Dead until Dark

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Michael Scott Barnes and Noble Interview.

If you liked my review of The Necromancer and want to find out more. Here in an interview video with Michael Scott. It is a really great video and gives you an introduction to the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. =]

Happy Reading Bloggers. =]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome Quotes. =]

Hello Bloggers,

Here are some great quotes that have inspired me from books that I have read:

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
"What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again." -Suzanne Collins

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson
"Listen, please: Seize the moment, however worried you may be about what's coming next. It's your brain, it's your life, it's your attitude.... Go out there and fill up with sights, sounds, and ideas that are bigger than yourself. We all know from history-- to say nothing of this current reality-- what can happen if we stay quiet and just do what's put in front of us." –James Patterson

Crush by Alan Jacobson
“The crush of a grape is not unlike life itself: You press and squeeze until the juice flows from its essence, and it dies a sudden pathetic death. Devoid of its lifeblood, its body shrivels and is then discarded. Scattered about. Used as fertilizer, returned to the earth. Dust in the wind.” - Alan Jacobson

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
"Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you." -George R.R. Martin

The Necromancer by Michael Scott
"Often the greatest act of courage is admitting that one has made a mistake...Follow your hearts. Protect one another, trust one another, because, at the end of the day, all of these people want something from you, or want you to do something for them, or be something that you are not. Your own responsibility is to one another." -Michael Scott

I hope you enjoyed these, I love great quotes from great books.

Until my next blog,
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Awesome Websites. =]

Here are some great websites that I use for books, organization and my nook color.

-This is an awesome place to organize your books, keep track of what you are reading, and you can even set goals(They have a 2011 Reading Challenge, my goal is to read 50 books this year =] ). There is even a place where they give away books to read. They have lists and quotes and tons more to do on there site.

-This a great place to keep track of all of your series's. It tells you in order how the series goes and what book to start with. It keeps track of what book you are on and even tells you what book is next on the list. Also they have a monthly giveaway of a 50 dollar Amazon gift card.

Literature Map
-This site all you do is type in an author you like and it gives you other authors that are similar that you might like as well.

Carty Couture
-This is a great site where you can buy carryalls for your nook and nook colors. I have one and I love it. It adds extra protection for your precious nooks. =] She even has a facebook page. =]

Nook Deals
-If you are looking for a place to find great deal on ebooks for your nook this is the place to look. It is run by an awesome person who helps find all of us deal everyday. =]

Nook Color Wallpapers
-If you are looking for awesome colorful wallpapers for your nook color. Look no further because this website has awesome wallpapers in all different categories. =]

The Bookmark
If you are looking for more awesome review of books, go here as well. This blog was the inspiration for my blog and is run by an awesome person who is great at reviewing the literature she reads. =]

Rhodes Review
-Also here is another place for a great review. It is also run by an awesome person who loves to read and critiques the books he reads with a great passion and you just know that he has a love for books. =]

The Nookhood
-A great community on facebook full of people that love there nooks and nook colors. =]

Barnes and Noble
-Last but not least, I buy all my books I read from them. And am so happy that I bought a nook from them and met such awesome people through there nook facebook page. =]

Review #3: The Necromancer (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #4) by Michael Scott

Hello Bloggers,
It's a new day and a new review. =]
This is the fourth book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. If you haven't heard of this series you should definitely look into it. I am not going to give away any spoilers in this book because if you haven't read this series, I want you to go out and read it. I love this series so much. Michael Scott is an expert in mythology and brings many different mythological creatures and people into his books. So many characters I haven't even heard of from myth that I have to constantly look up these creatures and people. But that is what I love about these books. I love mythology and I learn so much more about it from different characters that he introduces. I just love how he takes mythology that I have never heard about and makes me interested in it.

The story is about twins Sophie and Josh Newman. They are just normal teenagers until they meet Nicholas Flamel and their world changes forever. Nicholas Flamel is alive and he has been making the elixir of life this whole time from the Book of Abraham the Mage. (If you have read Harry Potter, then Nicholas Flamel should be familiar to you). The thing is the books is stolen and he needs Sophie and Josh to use there powers to help him get it back and save the world. The way to use your powers in this book is different then what you would think. Everyone has an aura and you can use your aura to control magic and the elements. Sophie and Josh need to be awakened to reach the full potential of there powers. The whole series takes place in the span of a few days. That is how fast and exciting this book is.
I love the adventure that Sophie and Josh are going on and I hope that everything will turn out in the end. I can' wait to read the next book in the series, which is The Warlock and it just came out in May. So expect a review of that book too. Also every book in this series has been an awesome, non stop, adventure, can't put down book. Overall I love and recommend that everyone reads this series, it is that awesome, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. =]

Just trust me and go out and buy this series. The first book in the series is The Alchemyst : The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel # 1.

Until next time.
Happy Reading =]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pure Awesomeness. =] From Nook by Barnes and Noble.

“Till all the books are read, and all the pens are put down, and everything there is to learn is learned. Till tears are no longer shed and the zingers have all zinged and the irony is all ironed out. Till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens and all the plots are wrapped up. Till there are no more twists or turns. No more guns in drawers. No more shaggy dogs. Till rhymes stop rhyming and pots stop boiling and everyone is happy and there is nothing more to say. Till that day, by hook or by crook, by book or by nook, I will read. Read Forever.”

Review #2: X-Men: First Class

I am a science fiction, fantasy and superhero kind of person. And if you are too, you should definitely see this movie. X-Men: First Class tells the story of Professor X and Magneto and how they got to be who and how they are in the present. This prequel is set in the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fighting and clashing between mutants and people happens right in the middle of it. I loved seeing how the X-men started out and how they came into being. The only thing I thought was bad in it was that they should have shown more. Jennifer Lawrence was awesome in it as Raven/Mystique and I can't wait to see her play Katniss in The Hunger Games. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were perfect as Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. There performances were exactly how I would picture there younger counterparts. If you like the X-Men or even superhero movies I recommend seeing this movie. It had a great story line and explains alot before the X-Men formed there group. I hope that they come out with an X-men 4 and continue the movies. I want the franchise to continue. So definitely go see this movie if you can. All X-Men movies have been awesome and this one is too. It actually made me want to go and watch all the other ones over again. Overall I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. =]

Tune in to my review of The Green Lantern because I am going to go see that when it comes out as well.

In the mean time.
Happy Reading. =]

Review #1: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

One of the reasons I decided to read this book was because some of my friends were reading it and had high reviews of it. Also I read it because of the new HBO series that came from the book. A Game of Thrones is one of the best books I have ever read. It follows the story of Catelyn Stark, Eddard "Ned" Stark, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen in the world of the Seven Kingdoms in the land of Westeros. "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die" This book puts you on such a roller coaster with so many twists and turns that it leaves you speechless at the end. Your jaw will drop so many times at all the things you didn't see coming. You can't even believe what you are reading, it is that mind blowing. Each character in the book is unique in there own way and brings something to the book that needs to be their. The characters all grow and mature in many different ways and I can't wait to see what happens with them in the rest of the series This story has so many integral parts that it is a little tough to follow but once you get who everyone is you will be able to enjoy the story even more. I recommend the book to everyone to read. I am surprised that I haven't heard of this book before the HBO series came out. If you are thinking about reading this series you definitely should. I also suggest that you watch the HBO show while you read it. I takes the experience of reading the book and makes it ten times better. Overall I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. =]
Also here are some helpful links of the family trees and map of westeros:
Map of Westeros
Guide to the Houses

Until my next review.

Happy Reading. =]

Welcome to my Blog.

I am very new at this. A few of my friends have blogs and I felt like I needed an outlet to get everything out. So welcome and thanks for joining me for the ride. I read alot especially on my nookcolor and will be reviewing most of the books that I read on here. I also watch alot of movies so I am going to be reviewing those movies as well. I hope a few people will read this and be interested in what I say, if not that is okay as well. I have read so many books already this year and will be including so of my reviews on here. So I hope I inspire some people to read the books that I liked alot and to stop people from opening some books I think were just terrible.
Reviews will come tomorrow.
Until next time.
Happy Reading =]