Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mighty Eagle

Hi again Bloggers,

I thought I would let everyone with Nook Colors know about Mighty Eagle. Barnes and Noble lets you use the Mighty Eagle on there Angry Birds app in there stores. It is going on for a limited time. But the thing is you can only use it in the stores and you can only use it once an hour. I went there the other day and was kind of disappointed a little. They made it sound like you would get the Mighty Eagle but that is not true. So if you are stuck on a level that is the only reason to go there and use it. I hope people aren't traveling long ways out of there way just to see what it is and getting to a BN and being disappointed. Its a good thing my Barnes and Noble is really close to me. So just thought I would blog about it and tell you guys.

Til next time,
Happy Reading. =]

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