Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Awesome Websites. =]

Here are some great websites that I use for books, organization and my nook color.

-This is an awesome place to organize your books, keep track of what you are reading, and you can even set goals(They have a 2011 Reading Challenge, my goal is to read 50 books this year =] ). There is even a place where they give away books to read. They have lists and quotes and tons more to do on there site.

-This a great place to keep track of all of your series's. It tells you in order how the series goes and what book to start with. It keeps track of what book you are on and even tells you what book is next on the list. Also they have a monthly giveaway of a 50 dollar Amazon gift card.

Literature Map
-This site all you do is type in an author you like and it gives you other authors that are similar that you might like as well.

Carty Couture
-This is a great site where you can buy carryalls for your nook and nook colors. I have one and I love it. It adds extra protection for your precious nooks. =] She even has a facebook page. =]

Nook Deals
-If you are looking for a place to find great deal on ebooks for your nook this is the place to look. It is run by an awesome person who helps find all of us deal everyday. =]

Nook Color Wallpapers
-If you are looking for awesome colorful wallpapers for your nook color. Look no further because this website has awesome wallpapers in all different categories. =]

The Bookmark
If you are looking for more awesome review of books, go here as well. This blog was the inspiration for my blog and is run by an awesome person who is great at reviewing the literature she reads. =]

Rhodes Review
-Also here is another place for a great review. It is also run by an awesome person who loves to read and critiques the books he reads with a great passion and you just know that he has a love for books. =]

The Nookhood
-A great community on facebook full of people that love there nooks and nook colors. =]

Barnes and Noble
-Last but not least, I buy all my books I read from them. And am so happy that I bought a nook from them and met such awesome people through there nook facebook page. =]

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