Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review #3: The Necromancer (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #4) by Michael Scott

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This is the fourth book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. If you haven't heard of this series you should definitely look into it. I am not going to give away any spoilers in this book because if you haven't read this series, I want you to go out and read it. I love this series so much. Michael Scott is an expert in mythology and brings many different mythological creatures and people into his books. So many characters I haven't even heard of from myth that I have to constantly look up these creatures and people. But that is what I love about these books. I love mythology and I learn so much more about it from different characters that he introduces. I just love how he takes mythology that I have never heard about and makes me interested in it.

The story is about twins Sophie and Josh Newman. They are just normal teenagers until they meet Nicholas Flamel and their world changes forever. Nicholas Flamel is alive and he has been making the elixir of life this whole time from the Book of Abraham the Mage. (If you have read Harry Potter, then Nicholas Flamel should be familiar to you). The thing is the books is stolen and he needs Sophie and Josh to use there powers to help him get it back and save the world. The way to use your powers in this book is different then what you would think. Everyone has an aura and you can use your aura to control magic and the elements. Sophie and Josh need to be awakened to reach the full potential of there powers. The whole series takes place in the span of a few days. That is how fast and exciting this book is.
I love the adventure that Sophie and Josh are going on and I hope that everything will turn out in the end. I can' wait to read the next book in the series, which is The Warlock and it just came out in May. So expect a review of that book too. Also every book in this series has been an awesome, non stop, adventure, can't put down book. Overall I love and recommend that everyone reads this series, it is that awesome, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. =]

Just trust me and go out and buy this series. The first book in the series is The Alchemyst : The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel # 1.

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