Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney

The Third Wheel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #7)
Hardcover, First Edition, 224 pages
Published November 13th 2012 by Amulet Books
Love is in the air—but what does that mean for Greg Heffley?

A Valentine’s Day dance at Greg’s middle school has turned his world upside down. As Greg scrambles to find a date, he’s worried he’ll be left out in the cold on the big night. His best friend, Rowley, doesn’t have any prospects either, but that’s a small consolation.

An unexpected twist gives Greg a partner for the dance and leaves Rowley the odd man out. But a lot can happen in one night, and in the end, you never know who’s going to be lucky in love.
My Thoughts/Review:
Jeff Kinney has done it again with another great Wimpy Kid book for kids. I just love these books and the direction they keep going in. I always get excited around this time of year because I know another Wimpy Kid book is going to come out. You never know what kind of trouble or situation Greg Heffley is going to get himself into this time. This series can really teach some life lessons to the impressionable children of the next generation. I can't wait to see what Kinney has in store for the next one. The stories are really funny and the situations Greg finds himself in would only happen to him and I have no idea how Kinney comes up with this stuff, book after book. I could really see this series going on forever and becoming a real staple on every child's bookshelf.

I love Kinney's writing style and the voice he has given to Greg which has progressed and gotten better from each book he turns out to the next. Greg's opinions and wit about everyday life is what makes the book so funny and real. In this installment, Greg has to find someone to take to the Valentine's Day dance and he eventually becomes the third wheel, hence the title of the book. I love how you are never expecting the things that happen to Greg and the crazy situations he gets himself into.

Kinney's comedic style and flair for the unexpected is why I read these books, as soon as possible, every time they are released. I love the cartoon style of drawings he does, which are perfectly done each time. This series has brought a whole new refresher to children's books in this day and age. It is completely different and unique for what is the norm and expected. I recommend them to kids of all ages and even adults who are young at heart. These books are a perfect tool to use to try and get children to like reading and become future readers. If you haven't picked this one up yet or started the series I definitely and whole-heartily suggest you do so, especially if you have kids in this age bracket. Happy Reading. =]

Overall, I give this book:
Really funny, real life story which is great for kids to get hooked on reading. =]
5 out of 5 Stars
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