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Review: Man Up!: Tales of my Delusional Self-Confidence by Ross Mathews

Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence
Man Up!: Tales of my Delusional Self-Confidence by Ross Mathews
Hardcover, 241 pages
Published May 7th 2013 by Grand Central Publishing
As a young kid growing up in a farm town, Ross Mathews might as well have wished for a pet unicorn or a calorie-free cookie tree to grow in his front yard. Either of those far-fetched fantasies would have been more likely to come true than his real dream: working in television in Hollywood, California. Seriously, that stuff just doesn't happen to people like Ross. But guess what. It totally did.

Now, with his first book, Ross takes us inside his journey as a super-fan, revealing the most embarrassing and hilarious moments of his small-town life and big-city adventures. From learning to swear like a hardened trucker to that time in high school when had to face down the most frightening opponent of all (his girlfriend's lady bits), Ross holds nothing back. Oh, then there's his surprisingly shady past involving the cutest pair of plus-sized women's pajama bottoms, deliciously dangerous pot butter, and embezzled sandwiches. And, of course, how he's managed to turn an obsession with pop-culture into one-on-one interactions with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tiffani-Amber Theissen, Madonna, Michelle Kwan, and countless more without ever having a single restraining order issued against him.

Infused with Ross's trademark humor, unique voice, and total honesty, MAN UP! is a mission statement for anyone who doesn't fit the mold. His hasn't been the most traditional way to build a career in Hollywood, but Ross has somehow managed to make his mark without ever compromising who he is. He is as serious about this as he is about Golden Girls trivia: You don't need to change who you are to achieve your dreams (although there's nothing wrong with a makeover every now and then). You just need to Man Up!
My Thoughts/Review:
Ross Mathews started on the tonight show as an intern and he takes you on a journey through his life, through all of his ups and downs. This book brings a very good message to everyone that read its; to man up, to always be yourself and don't let people put you down for it. It is also laugh out loud funny.

With each new chapter came a new story that was even more funny than the last. I loved learning about Ross' life and all of his struggles that he had to go through. I have been following Ross every since he started on the tonight show. I used to follow his blog and watch all of his talkies. He is super funny and wrote a really touching uplifting fun read. I really can't wait for him to right another book. It was book that I really need to read, especially with being in a little slump in my life and what I have been reading.

The book even has a foreword by Gwyneth Paltrow, an afterword by Chelsea Handler, and a blurb by Jay Leno. What more can you ask for from a book. If you need a light, hysterical, and touching read I recommend you pick up this awesome book. You need to go out and get yourself a copy. If you buy it from Target, which I did, you can get an autographed copy. I really can't wait to see more from Ross Mathews.
Overall, I give this book:
5 out of 5 Stars
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