Thursday, May 24, 2012

Behind on my Books

Don't you just hate when you get behind on reading your books. I am sure a lot of people have this problem. I have a ton of books to read on my tbr list. I know that plenty of people have many books to read but I think I have an overwhelming amount. I have a whole bookshelf of books to be read. New more enticing books come out everyday and it makes me get even more behind on the books I want to read.

It really puts new meaning to having so many books to read and yet so little time to actually read them. I really wish I had the time to catch up on reading all of  my books. I hate not being able to read new books immediately once they come out.

So many good books are being released everyday and I can't read them if I am trying to catch up on all the books I already have. Even if I do decide to read a new book that just came out, another one is just going to come out on another day, and I will still have the mountain of books I want to read. I guess that is the plight of a person that is an avid reader.

Goodreads is a website that makes my habbit of wanting to read too many books become even worse. I mean I add books to my tbr list on their almost daily. It is a never ending cycle. I keep finding more and more books I want to read when I'm not even caught up with the books I actually have to read. I am already behind on my 2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge by about 5 books. I really have being behind on reading my books.

One thing I wish is that I could read faster. I know many people are able to get through a book in a day or two while for me it takes twice as long or longer. I just recently decided to reread The Hunger Games and I chose to listen to it on audiobook. While this helped me reread it faster, I know other readers probably could have devoured it way faster than me.

I know I went on a little rant today about how I am behind on my books. But it helps get all my feelings out and I know many other readers have this same problem with the same feelings. So we can all feel that we are not alone and all in this together on our endless plight of forever being behind on reading our books.

Let me know in the comments any ways or methods that you guys have to catch up on your TBR Lists. =]

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  1. Time, time, time... Why is there never enough?

    Whenever I am trying to meet an overwhelming challenge, it helps to look at what I have to do and break it down into little goals. Sort your bookshelf into "must-reads," "read-somedays," and "read-if-I-have-times." Or something like that. You could also set a goal of reading a certain number of books per month for the next year.

    Not everyone works this way, but I know setting small, manageable goals helps me. Just make sure to keep it realistic--for instance, maybe you plan for less books during your busiest months, or leave room for exciting new releases.

    Best of luck, and don't be discouraged! :)