Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tempest Audiobook!!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the wonderful people at Macmillan Audio I am able to show you a 7 minute clip of the Tempest Audiobook. I listened to it and the Tempest Audiobook Clip sounds really good. It really made me want to listen to it and read the whole book all over again.

Also don't forget to go check out my Review of Tempest by Julie Cross to see what I thought of it. =]

Tempest and its Audiobook is set to release January 17, 2012. I definitely suggest you check it out if you are a big fan of listening to audiobooks.

Links to check it out/Preorder:
Barnes and Noble
Macmillan site

Without further ado, here is the clip that I was promising. I hope you guys enjoy. =]
  Tempest Audiobook 7 minute clip by TheBookshelfRev

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