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Review #26: Ephemera by Jeffery Anderson


Disclaimer*** I received this book for review from the author for a fair and honest review.

Ephemera is not a 1984, knock off, dystopian novel. It is dark, gritty and satirical future fiction, performed by an off-beat cast of unforgettable characters. This is future fiction in the hands of a talented literary writer.

Nester Cab, a second rate magazine writer, goes about his mundane life, disenfranchised and hiding from the roaring city he lives in. But, a mysterious note left in his office awakens his ravenous curiosity and sets him on a journey to find a missing soldier. In his travels, he becomes entangled with a clandestine anti-government organization, witnesses a delusional and violent American society and stumbles ever deeper into unfathomable government conspiracies.

Taking inspiration from internet conspiracy theorists, talk radio and the media, Anderson has created an edgy and frightening world where no one and nothing are as they appear. It is a world where the extreme is the every day, where the preoccupation with the meaningless novelty has consumed society. Meanwhile, the government conducts its business behind the curtain, with ominous intentions, All of it will feel uncomfortably familiar to the modern reader. Darkly humorous and palpably real, Ephemera is an epic journey that will have you believing even the most outrageous conspiracies just might happen.

My Thoughts/Review

I really thought I would like this book but I just couldn't finish it. I think it just wasn't my type of book. It definitely is a book that people who like this kind of genre would love to read but I'm not one of those people. I really liked the concept of the story but part of it was confusing especially being in a futuristic world. Some of the futuristic elements weren't explained well enough. The novel also went on some tangents that I didn't really like about it or really understood. 

This novel is definitely different than most books I have ever read. It is told in a very different way. It is written in a way that wasn't really my style and way I like to read books.
Nestor Cab was definitely a likable enough character. He had an interesting life and a way he went about doing things. I just wished I liked the book and was able to get through it but I just couldn't.

I have been super busy with school and work lately so that also plays a part in why I couldn't really finish Ephemera. It just didn't hold my interest and attention. If you like futuristic books that deal with government conspiracies and you liked the synopsis I definitely suggest you look into this book. Anderson does have great writing skills, I am just the type of person that doesn't really like this genre. I thought it would be more of a dystopian type book instead of one more geared towards government conspiracies. I thought I would be really interested in this book but in the end I couldn't finish it. Definitely check it out though you might be the type of person that likes this genre.

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