Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Atlantis Revolution Trilogy Trailer Release Day + Live Chat News

Hi Guys,
The new and improved Atlantis Revolution Trilogy Trailer has been released.
I am so excited for it.
This series has become one of my favorites
and without further to do here is the trailer.

Below are the covers to all the books in the series and if you want to check them out click the covers and it will take you to their Goodreads respectively. I highly recommend you check out this series. Tom Tancin is an awesome writer and I really can't wait till Medousa, the third book in the series, to come out so I can read it. =] 
Hippocampus (The Atlantis Revolution #1)
Echinodea (The Atlantis Revolution #2)
Medousa (The Atlantis Revolution #3)
Hope you guys enjoyed the trailer.

If you guys are interested the author of the series is having a Live Chat tonight from 7pm-8pm.
It will be on his website at
If I could be there I would but unfortunately I have school tonight.
If you have a question for Tom visit him at his Live Chat tonight. =]
Thanks for Visiting
Happy Reading. =]

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