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Review: The Emerald Tablet by Joshua Silverman

The Emerald Tablet (Legends of Amun Ra, #1)
The Emerald Tablet (Legends of Amun Ra #1)
Paperback, First, 408 pages
Published September 15th 2012 by Enchanted Forest Press
*Received a copy of his book from the author for a fair and honest review.

Leoros doesn't have many friends. The son of a scientist and archaeologist, he is constantly on the move. But when his parents make a startling discovery in Egypt, Leoros' world is turned upside down.

When an archaeologist discovers the mythic Emerald Tablet buried beneath Egypt’s desert, her son decodes the ancient text leading him to a distant world.

On that world, a slave girl begins a journey towards a destiny she cannot imagine. But when an ancient foe rises from the ashes, they will be brought together by forces neither understands.

Leoros, who dreams of being like the heroes in the comic books, must fight to unlock the secrets of the universe to save a people he never knew existed.

Atlantia, whose bloody visions wake her in the night, senses the darkness coming.

Together they will face an enemy with the power of dark energy, lose a mentor to the assassin’s blade, and be betrayed by someone they trust. Their fight for the future is just beginning, and before it is over, a final sacrifice must be made. When the darkness comes, will they stand and fight or will they join it?

There is darkness in everyone.
My Thoughts/Review:
 What intrigued me most about this book was the description and the adventure quality. It sounded so mythical and amazing at the same time. I have to admit that the beginning of this story was a little confusing but once you get into it and learn who the people are and what the land is about you can dive right into the action-packed adventure of the story.

 I really liked the different characters and the main premise of the book. Leoros was an amazing main character, he really stole the book from the other characters. I loved getting inside his head and learning about everything he was going through. The basic premise of the book is that Leoros is with his parents in Egypt and he goes through a pillar into another world, called Potara. On Potara, he learns that he is able to manipulate energy with his feelings. Who wouldn't want to be able to manipulate energy with your mind and be able to fight and do stuff with it. Then more craziness ensues, don't want to give anything away, and he has to go on an amazing journey to find himself and go up against the bad guys.

 The thing about this book is that it also has an evil and adult side. I wouldn't say it is 100% young adult, it is more grounded in fantasy, but if you can take some sexual scenes, violence and some talk about both of them then it is still a really great book and perfectly fine to read for the older young adults, not so much for the really young. I really also liked the evil and dark side to this book. The antagonists weren't really your average bad guys. You felt for the girls that had to do the bad things because that is how they were raised. This book really shows how people can become corrupt and power hungry very easily.

The other thing I really loved was that this book doesn't just stay with the main character telling the story it jumps from character to character. I even loved that it tells the story of Leoros' parents when they find out he is missing. I really liked the struggle of good versus evil and the battle that came from the opposing sides. Joshua Silverman is a really good writer and knows how to tell  a story from start to finish. He takes you on a ride through worlds and a variety of different characters to bring an amazing story to the page. I really can't wait to read more from Joshua Silverman.

 I really suggest reading this book if you love young adult but can stomach more of an adult theme for a younger genre novel. All of the characters really have depth and good backgrounds worked into their stories. I also really liked the young romance that happened and hopefully will blossom even more in the next book. I really can not wait to read the next installment of this series and to be able to delve back into the world. The one small complaint I have is that the story was a little bit long and could have ended earlier instead of having so much description and things going on in the beginning. I was very pleasantly surprised by all the twists and turns and I really suggest reading it to everyone that likes mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult. I really suggest picking up a copy, you really won't be disappointed. I loved reading every minute of it. =]
Overall, I give this book:
5 out of 5 Stars
 Great start to a fantasy series that will leave you wanting more. =]
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