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Review: Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2)

Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel
Paperback, 320 pages
Published January 29th 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin
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A new year is beginning at Wickham Boarding School. A new chance at life, at reversing the evil in my past. But nothing is ever as simple it seems...Last year, the love of my life died performing a ritual to fulfill my one wish and make me human. And now I’ve performed the same ritual for my friend Vicken – and survived. Why am I here, back safe on Wickham campus?

The strong magic I used in the ritual did more than just make Vicken human. It drew someone to Lover’s Bay who does not belong here. She wants the ritual. Then she wants me dead. And she will take down any and everyone in my life to get what she wants.

As if that weren’t enough, the ritual has also summoned the anger of the Aeris, the four elements and most fundamental powers on earth. They have a surprise and an unbearable punishment for me – like stepping into the sun for the first time, only to be put into a cage. And now I have to make an impossible choice – between love or life, yearning or having, present or past…
My Thoughts/Review:

This sequel of the Vampire Queen series was ten times better than the first book. I enjoyed this book completely and I liked it more than Infinite Days. Rebecca Maizel has really improved her writing and her style. The story has a much better plot and keeps the reader interested throughout. Lenah is still at Wickam Boarding School and she has to fight a whole new foe in a vampire that has come to try and get the ritual from her. This enemy vampire is causing destruction and fatalities all around the school and it is up to Lenah to stop it.

This sequel had such better writing and plot flow then the first book. I actually enjoyed reading it more and was immersed in the characters and what they had to accomplish. I loved all of the surprises and twists in this one. Stolen Nights wasn't as straight forward as Infinite Days, it had some curve balls in the plot, which I really liked this time around. I could guess and foresee what happened in Infinite Days while in Stolen Nights I had no idea what was going to happen or where it would go.

In this sequel, you get to delve into Lenah's character more and see what she is all about and how she was as a vampire and how she is different now. I loved the Aeris and how they represented time and all the four elements. I also really loved Lenah's struggle throughout the whole book of her difficulty to fight back and actually do it on her own.

I really loved the ending and how some things were a real shocker to me. A few things I could take a guess at and was accurate about but it didn't affect how I felt about the story. I loved how the ending completely shows Lenah's self sacrifice and sets it up so it could just end the series perfectly. But then there is an epilogue that can totally set up the series for a third book. I am really hoping that a third book will happen because that will just intrigue me even more into this series. I really like that Lenah is happy at the end but I really want to know what is happening at Wickam with everyone else.

 Overall, I really loved the two books in this series. If you are a fan of paranormal/vampires, sort of contemporary, and romance, you will love this series. It is a series completely worthwhile to delve into. I really hope there will be a third book and it will be one I can't wait to read if it comes out. I definitely say give this series a try because I know a lot of people will love it.
Overall, I give this book:
"Great paranormal series with a Vampire who struggles about becoming a human and facing danger."
4 out of 5 Stars
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