Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Trailer Thurday

 I have done this a few times in the past but Book Trailer Thursday is just what it sounds like.
Below are a few trailers/videos I have found this week that are book related that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy the video/trailers I post. =]
Beta by Rachel Cohn Book Trailer
Hope you enjoyed the Videos/Trailers. =]

Happy Reading.

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  1. My sister actually have The Beautiful Creature series but I never thought of reading it since it seems like it's about Romance. I don't read romance.
    OMG!!! The Mark of Athena!! I really can't wait! Epic, epic! Too epic!!! >.<
    I haven't read the Crimson Crown. Is is good? I like the song though. Do you know what song is that?
    Oooohh~ Beta! I have it on my to read list but I haven't actually buy it yet.
    I am super excited for the Mark of Athena!

  2. Love these trailers. Thanks for sharing!