Friday, February 3, 2012

Follow Friday(9)

FF 2012 Feature & Follow #80

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This week's Question is:

Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kickass heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male?

The characteristic that all of my favorite books share the most would have to be Uniqueness. I don't like reading the same old same old. The books that I read have got to have some kind of element in it that is completely unique and new to me. For example the Factions in Divergent or the Tributes in The Hunger Games, etc... There has got to be something unique and interesting in each book that I read or I just can't read it. Another thing that my favorite books have in them are awesome kickass characters. The main character has to have a depth to them and I have to relate to them in someway for me to really make the book one of my favorites. 

Let me know in the comments what characteristics your favorite books have. =]

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  1. I agree. A uniqueness is important in a book. Honestly, I've read enough that the SSDD just gets frustrating.

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  2. I totally agree with the uniqueness! If it's a mold of other books out there, I won't want to read it. Happy Friday!
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  3. Yes to unique books with kick-ass heroines! :D

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  4. Great answer!! I love unique books too. Hope you have a great Friday :)

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  5. I find it very difficult to find unique books. Seems every story has been done before. I don't mind this though, as long as there's a new twist. New follower saying hi!

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  6. Not many truly unique books, love to find new ones :)

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  8. Great answer! I don't have much of an attention span for books that don't have a unique premise...

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  9. I didn't think that way but you're right it's always so interesting to discover some new ideas.

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  10. Hello! I am a new follower!! Found you via the blog hop! Can't wait to read your posts!